Phoenix et al.

(Apr 27, 2010)

Your X-man of the week: Phoenix: And because it was easy: Dark Phoenix: Again, working on getting the brush to really look like a brush. Saw some Paul Pope pages at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, which were inspiring to say the least; He works at a very large scale, compared to what I’ve seen […]


(Apr 20, 2010)

Here’s Gambit! I’m pretty happy with this one. I tried to loosen up my brush work, and will try to continue that from now on. I’ve been thinking a lot about tools lately, and I think I tend to try and get a pen or nib line out of a brush, which seems to only […]


(Apr 06, 2010)

Here’s my Jubilee! I am working on other stuff. Just very slowly…

What Teh?

(Mar 29, 2010)

Well, this one’s kind of a cop out… Sorry Polaris I wanted more for you.


(Mar 22, 2010)

Storm! So next week will be Polaris, can I get some Polaris love? ~ty


(Mar 15, 2010)

Here is your x-man of the week. I think my anatomy is improving, though I’m still having a really hard time with the way lighting works with the body. And while I like the technique I’ve been using to color, I’m not sure it’s the best approach to explore that. My biggest complaint is her […]


(Mar 08, 2010)

Hello. Here’s my Wolverine. I have to admit to a new found respect for any artist who has drawn Wolverine without making him look ridiculous, because, well he looks ridiculous. This is my third attempt by the way (one of the reasons I missed last week, I’ve also started working at Sweetpea Baking Co. again, […]


(Feb 22, 2010)

Rogue! I missed the last couple of weeks, I’ll try not to let that happen again. ~ty

Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus

(Feb 01, 2010)

This week’s X-man. A special request from my sister, Jes. Hopefully, I’ll have more stuff, besides X-men to show you! Love, Tyler

Someone has had an off week…

(Jan 25, 2010)

That’s right: this moi. Didn’t really get any thing done except this little jewel: and even this is poorly executed. Meh. Sorry Jeremy. Here’s the thing though. I’ve really enjoyed how these fan art pieces have helped me work faster and more playfully as well as experiment with coloring techniques so I’ve decided to keep […]

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