LJ Feed and Brain Dumps

(Dec 09, 2008)

The other day I set up a feed of this blog for LiveJournal users.  So if you’d like to follow us on your Friends list, just click on over here to add us. Yesterday I gave myself a challenge to draw something “wintery”, something to get the ol’ art gears spinning.  I thought of how […]


(Nov 19, 2008)

After a series of failed starts, delays and keeping noses to digital grindstones, the brownpaperbag site is up and running. As you can see from the above menu, there are still a few sections we are working on, but for now our main thrust will be this here blog. Along with updates about news and […]

Testing. Check. Check.

(Dec 26, 2007)

It’s time for the unintentionally annual redesign of the website. Boy, oh boy! If things look a little plain and impersonal, it’s because we’re currently redesigning our site with WordPress. There’s still some code to monkey with before we get things looking decent, but like Teddy Roosevelt fighting a Colossal Squid, we shall win out […]

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