Another Victim of the Funky Brewsters…

(Nov 25, 2009)

I had planned to post more this week, but I think I had a bit of the art funk Tyler talked about Monday.  In particular, I’d hoped to post my fourth calendar illustration.  I’ve been working on it, but I’m not at a point where I’m ready to share it. Just to post something today, […]

Double Trouble

(Nov 19, 2009)

Not much to say this week.  Two more calendar images drawn. I’d hoped to have some color on these.  I’ll probably post that next week. For some reason, I had some problems trying to draw these at full size (approx. 10″ x 13.5″), so I worked out the compositions in my sketchbook: I then scanned […]

Let’s Make a Yeti!

(Oct 14, 2009)

Since I’ve been doing illustration work under tight deadlines, I’ve been getting used to getting ideas down quickly and not being overly precious with my drawing. So now I’ve been trying to apply those concepts to work that doesn’t require such an immediate turnaround. I don’t mean to imply that I’m throwing quality to the […]

Just calenderin’ it & One of the Johns in NYC!

(Oct 02, 2009)

So I finally started my calendar illustrations for this year. You might remember one of these characters from my calendar illustrations from a couple of years ago. Anyhow, here’s some quick process images, starting with pencils & inks: I don’t have the coloring quite done yet, but I’ll update the post if I can get […]

Getting By On Turtle Power

(Sep 30, 2009)

A couple weeks ago, Brandon Graham (creator of King City and several other amazing comics) posted this drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawn by Jack Kirby on his livejournal: (I don’t want to fill this entry with too many parenthetical asides, but Brandon’s livejournal is a freakin’ treasure-filled cave of obscure art and […]

Just Col-Erasin’

(Sep 02, 2009)

  For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with Col-Erase pencils (those are a brand of erasable colored pencils, if you didn’t know).  Initially, I wanted to use them to sketch out and build the compositions for my pictures, then tighten up the lines with a regular pencil. I started my experimenting with […]

Bully Process!

(May 03, 2009)

I was recently asked to design a tattoo.  It feels odd… creating an image that will be on somebody’s skin for life.  However, the person asking wanted a tat of Theodore Roosevelt going pugalistic on a group of classic monsters.  Hang-ups be damned!  How could I refuse such a project? I’m still working on the […]

illustration process – stage two, pencils

(Jan 17, 2009)

ugh. i’m horrible at blogging. i forgot that it’s something that you need to keep up with regularly, or at least i feel i have to. i’m also horrible at remembering things like letting everyone know ahead of time instead of the day that there’s a BEASTS! show at giant robot in san francisco. i’ll […]

illustration process, stage one – thumbnails

(Jan 06, 2009)

so i just finished up some work for hollywood entertainment, doing illustrations for the boxes of the used games they sell at their game crazy stores. the whole thing was pretty fun and i learned a lot from it as i had never dealt with a client this large before and i definitely had my […]

calendar 09? yes!

(Dec 17, 2008)

so we ARE getting around to doing the calendar, though it will be a different format that we usually do.  just thought i’d post a sneak peek. we’ll have more news about it real soon.

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