How to Graytone… The AMERICUS Way!!!

(Dec 10, 2010)

Sorry about the lack of updates on my end.  I’m still plugging away at AMATEURS, and haven’t had a lot of time to work on much else.  However, I have written a guest post on the SAVE APATHEA blog which went up today. It’s a quick tutorial on how I added tones to some of […]

Hold the presses!

(Oct 29, 2010)

So last week I had to do an illustration for the Willamette Week about how John Kitzhaber, the Democrat candidate for governor of Oregon, is trailing behind Chris Dudley, the Republican candidate in terms of fund-raising. The article was to emphasize how labor unions, who have traditionally donated a lot of money to Democratic candidates […]

Behind the scenes

(Oct 09, 2010)

Hey! Sorry I missed last week! I actually have a backlog of subjects for posts, but last Friday I got hit with two pretty big, time consuming projects. I’ll share one of them later this week, but I’ll sit on the other one for a bit [though you might have already seen it if you […]

A Shell Of A Tumble!

(Aug 04, 2010)

Just posting some sketchbook stuff this week.  More polished work next time…?  We shall see… Some more random work: (a) Some character designs of nerds… for the COMIC NRRDS VS THE BIBLE strips I posted a couple of weeks ago. (b) A dubiously agile T-Rex.  I’ve been inking sketches I like with the ole’ brushpen […]

Save Apathea to go live next Monday!

(Jul 29, 2010)

As I  mentioned before, I haven’t really been posting here the last couple of weeks because I’ve been getting, the website for Americus, ready. We plan on going live next Monday, jumping right into it with all of chapter 1 up and with chapter 2 starting then. We’ll be posting new pages every Monday, […]

Drawing like you’re thirteen

(Jul 10, 2010)

So for the decor of the Americus website, we’re treating it as if it was created by the main character, Neil Barton. The tricky thing about this is trying to draw like I’m thirteen years old. After doing some drawings, I realized that it’s easier to draw like you’re five than you’re thirteen. I think […]

Rumblings, Teasers and Other Fun Stuff

(Jun 23, 2010)

So yeah… the posting to ye olde blog has been sporadic as of late.  Apologies to anyone who’s been waiting for us to get back in the swing of things.  We’ve all been pretty busy, though hopefully we’ll be getting back to regular updates soon. But today I have some piping hot artstuffs fresh from […]

A Quick Jolt

(Jun 02, 2010)

This week I felt like trying to knock out an illustration as quickly as possible.  I’ve been wanting to do another pin up of an AMATEURS character, so I did a few sketches and went with my favorite idea.  I decided to post progress shots since a lot of Photoshop work went into creating the […]

Cleanin’ it up

(Apr 01, 2010)

So I finished Americus last week! Okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I finished doing all the initial drawing of Americus last week. It’s still not ready to be sent to our big cheese over at First Second, Calista Brill, to begin the major editing process. Right now I’ve still got to clean up […]

Backloggin’ It, Big Time!

(Feb 17, 2010)

My apologies for the last two weeks of silence. Things have been hectic since I’ve been hanging  with my man Michael Caine. You wouldn’t think it if you saw him, but when he comes to town, the party gets started. And if there’s already a party going on, “Sugar” Caine kicks it up to the […]

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