Calendar’s done!

(Dec 18, 2009)

First off, we FINALLY finished the calendar! We’re going to be posting all the information on how to order it and what not later today, so stay tuned. In the meantime I wanted to share the cover, which I took the task of designing this year. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. In […]

Just calenderin’ it & One of the Johns in NYC!

(Oct 02, 2009)

So I finally started my calendar illustrations for this year. You might remember one of these characters from my calendar illustrations from a couple of years ago. Anyhow, here’s some quick process images, starting with pencils & inks: I don’t have the coloring quite done yet, but I’ll update the post if I can get […]

BREAKING NEWS: brownpaperbag finally puts this blog to use!

(Sep 01, 2009)

Starting Wednesday, September 2nd, the boys at brownpaperbag will actually be POSTING ON A REGULAR BASIS on their blog at the brownpaperbag website! Every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY you’ll get process notes, doodles, interviews, ramblings and other entertaining and insightful interneting from the boys at brownpaperbag! Besides the pleasure of being wowed and bedazzled by […]

big news & more WW illustrations!

(May 27, 2009)

some big news: First Second will be publishing Americus! MK and i signed out contracts last week. i still have a lot of drawing ahead of me, but it’s nice to know it has a home. the book won’t be out untl 2012, so don’t hold your breaths. oh, and here’s some more illustrations that […]

calendar 09? yes!

(Dec 17, 2008)

so we ARE getting around to doing the calendar, though it will be a different format that we usually do.  just thought i’d post a sneak peek. we’ll have more news about it real soon.

news! updates! events!

(Dec 05, 2008)

first off, tyler’s website is finally up! please go check it out at so next next saturday, the 13th we’ll be in seattle for the fantagraphics second anniversary store party/ BEASTS print show: the portland fun book 3 is also out. there was a release party this last monday, but seeing how i don’t […]


(Nov 19, 2008)

After a series of failed starts, delays and keeping noses to digital grindstones, the brownpaperbag site is up and running. As you can see from the above menu, there are still a few sections we are working on, but for now our main thrust will be this here blog. Along with updates about news and […]

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