How to Graytone… The AMERICUS Way!!!

(Dec 10, 2010)

Sorry about the lack of updates on my end.  I’m still plugging away at AMATEURS, and haven’t had a lot of time to work on much else.  However, I have written a guest post on the SAVE APATHEA blog which went up today. It’s a quick tutorial on how I added tones to some of […]

Amateurish Beginnings

(Nov 30, 2010)

AMATEURS, which you may have heard me mention on this blog in the past, is now up and running.  For those of you who haven’t read my past ramblings on the project, it is a comic series by Jeremy Massie and myself, and we’ll be posting new pages to our web site every Tuesday and […]

oneofthejohns v 2.0 is up and running!

(Nov 19, 2010)

I have spent most of this week obsessively working on completely overhauling my website. Besides the design changes, I’ve based it all in WordPress, so it has its own blog and should be pretty easy for me to stay on top of updating. I don’t know if that means I’ll be posting less here, or […]

Americus promo stuff

(Sep 24, 2010)

So I’ve spent this last week drawing promo stuff for Americus. We’re doing a big promotional push for Banned Book Week, and even though I have some stuff to work on in regards to actually finishing the book, this stuff had a time stamp on it so I had to bust it out first. If […]

Previews and Anniversaries

(Sep 01, 2010)

This week the AMATEURS website went live.  The comic isn’t ready to go up yet (Jeremy and I are still working on creating a buffer of pages), but we made a short teaser for the project, which is what occupies the space at the moment. Part of me has wondered if making a preview for […]

Art Auction!

(Aug 13, 2010)

So this might seem a little bit last minute, but I’m going to be heading to Vietnam at the end of the month and in hopes of raising some extra money and cleaning out my art shelves in the process, I’m going to be holding an auction here on the blog for some original art […]

Save Apathea to go live next Monday!

(Jul 29, 2010)

As I  mentioned before, I haven’t really been posting here the last couple of weeks because I’ve been getting, the website for Americus, ready. We plan on going live next Monday, jumping right into it with all of chapter 1 up and with chapter 2 starting then. We’ll be posting new pages every Monday, […]

News & illustrations!

(Jun 25, 2010)

Some big news – First Second has asked MK and I to serialize Americus online. Details are still being hashed out, but we’re hoping to have the website up and ready to go around the middle of July. I am pretty excited, though I’ll admit it’s kind of funny too. I think the standard approach […]

Conceptualizing heritage and website update!

(Apr 30, 2010)

So May is Asian American Heritage Month and every year for the Asian Reporter I do an illustration to accompany their featured section on the subject. Every year I set out to do a nice conceptual image that illustrated heritage, but every year I end up doing some sort of collage image. Is it possible […]

Halfway done with the final chapter of Americus [and illustrations, too]!

(Feb 19, 2010)

So I’m hoping, er scratch that, DETERMINED to get the 10th page of chapter 9 of Americus done today, which will mean that I’m halfway done with the final chapter and also only have 10 PAGES LEFT! Woo-hoo! Here’s a set of two panels from chapter 9: Also, I did some work for the Willamette […]

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