(Mar 08, 2010)

Hello. Here’s my Wolverine. I have to admit to a new found respect for any artist who has drawn Wolverine without making him look ridiculous, because, well he looks ridiculous. This is my third attempt by the way (one of the reasons I missed last week, I’ve also started working at Sweetpea Baking Co. again, […]


(Feb 22, 2010)

Rogue! I missed the last couple of weeks, I’ll try not to let that happen again. ~ty

Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus

(Feb 01, 2010)

This week’s X-man. A special request from my sister, Jes. Hopefully, I’ll have more stuff, besides X-men to show you! Love, Tyler

Someone has had an off week…

(Jan 25, 2010)

That’s right: this moi. Didn’t really get any thing done except this little jewel: and even this is poorly executed. Meh. Sorry Jeremy. Here’s the thing though. I’ve really enjoyed how these fan art pieces have helped me work faster and more playfully as well as experiment with coloring techniques so I’ve decided to keep […]

Uncanny Fan Art

(Jan 18, 2010)

Emma Frost: looks kinda like Shirley Manson to me… And Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler: Many thanks to Jake for fixing Emma’s face, and reminding me that Nightcrawler’s Bamf! is always pink… -10 geek points for me, +10 for Jake. I’m taking requests for next week! Love, Tyler

And More Fan Art!

(Jan 12, 2010)

And another X-man to boot! Kitty Pryde a.k.a Shadowcat: I think it came out ok… It’d be fun to rework it, maybe one day.. Love, Tyler

New Year, New Projects….

(Jan 05, 2010)

First up, I’ve been working on some projects for a few of my friends lately. My buddy Travis Taylor has an amazing music project called Convenient Noise. Check it out here! We worked out a trade wherein I received A GIANT, INCREDIBLE drawing he did… and I create for him a T-shirt and logo design […]

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