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brownpaperbag have claimed to be many things over the years – pirates, bon vivants, cross-dressers, modern-day samurai, etc. etc… We don’t mean to be insincere. We just hoped to win the love of the masses with clever posturing. Since that hasn’t worked, we’ve decided to give the
truth a go.

The truth is that we’re three dudes living in Portland, Ore. Being of the artistic persuasion, we create comics, illustrations and anything else we can make with our six able fists.

Some of our clients and patrons include: American Illustration, the Asian Reporter, CMYK Magazine, Communication Arts, Hyphen Magazine, Image Comics, mun2, the Portland Mercury, The Seattle Metropolitan, and The Viet Nam Literature Project. We have self-published several books, both collaboratively and independently, and produce a yearly calendar. We have also been featured in exhibitions at Compound Gallery, Floating World Comics, Powell’s Books and the SuperTrash Film Fest.

bpb-art.com. is a place for us to write about the things we make and
news about our ongoing and upcoming projects.

the boys of brownpaperbag

...look so cute in their robin masks!

Jonathan Hill

jonathan (at) bpb-art.com
Jason Rainey

jason (at) bpb-art.com
Tyler Owings

tyler (at) bpb-art.com
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