Just shelf-talkin’, Part II

(Nov 01, 2010)

I know normally I post on Fridays, but since it’s been just me & Jason really, and the both of have a lot of stuff we’re working on, I figured that I’m just going to start posting things when I have ideas to post them. Hopefully that will more often since I’m really close to finishing Americus. Sound good?

Moving along:

[This post is semi-cross-posted from SaveApathea.com.]

So a year ago I wrote a post talkin’ about them shelf-talkers I make at my day job at Powell’s City of Books. They’re basically little signage that stick out in front of books to try to get people to buy them. They’re a fun little exercise for me because I get to draw at work, and since I don’t have a computer to fix my mistakes, I get to be a little more loose with the drawing and lettering and not stress out about getting things perfect.

Anyhow, here’s a batch from the last six months or so. If you look at the previous post, I think you can see a very clear progression in the drawing, design, & execution of these shelf-talkers. I’ve also settled into a standard design style too, which is pretty interesting to see.

Ha! Notice how there’s a book on fire in the last one. Probably not the best choice from a guy who illustrated a graphic novel in which the central theme is book banning! Oops!

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