Hold the presses!

(Oct 29, 2010)

So last week I had to do an illustration for the Willamette Week about how John Kitzhaber, the Democrat candidate for governor of Oregon, is trailing behind Chris Dudley, the Republican candidate in terms of fund-raising. The article was to emphasize how labor unions, who have traditionally donated a lot of money to Democratic candidates had not been donating as much this year. It mentions at some point how labor unions are like a 500 pound gorilla that was holding out on all this cash, so the art director had me go with that imagery.

Here’s the illustration I busted out:

Shorty after I finished the illustration, I got a call from the art director, who had just got word from the news editor that the article had changed and that Kitzhaber had just received a large donation from the labor unions. The news changed in the time that I had gotten the job and finished the article!

Now we had to think of a way to salvage the illustration with a pretty quick turnaround and the least amount of reworking on my part. Luckily, with the way I had drawn the illustration [and the anal retentive way I tend to save a different file for each major step of my work] I was able to do so without much of a hassle.

Here was the fixed illustration that ran in the paper:

Not to shabby, given the turnaround time and what not, if I may say so myself. Also, I got to draw a politician eating bananas with a gorilla.

In other news: I’m soooooo close to finishing Americus. I have two pages left to tone and we’re brainstorming the cover design now. I also started writing and thumbnailing out the first couple of pages on my next project. I CAN’T WAIT!

‘Till next week, fair readers!

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