Hold the presses!

(Oct 29, 2010)

So last week I had to do an illustration for the Willamette Week about how John Kitzhaber, the Democrat candidate for governor of Oregon, is trailing behind Chris Dudley, the Republican candidate in terms of fund-raising. The article was to emphasize how labor unions, who have traditionally donated a lot of money to Democratic candidates […]

Powell’s Map – Get you one!

(Oct 22, 2010)

So one of the projects that got thrown in my lap while I have been trying to finish up Americus a couple of weeks ago was an illustration for the back of the new store map at Powell’s. I already threw the image up on the Save Apathea blog a couple of weeks ago, but […]

Behind the scenes

(Oct 09, 2010)

Hey! Sorry I missed last week! I actually have a backlog of subjects for posts, but last Friday I got hit with two pretty big, time consuming projects. I’ll share one of them later this week, but I’ll sit on the other one for a bit [though you might have already seen it if you […]

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