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(Sep 24, 2010)

So I’ve spent this last week drawing promo stuff for Americus. We’re doing a big promotional push for Banned Book Week, and even though I have some stuff to work on in regards to actually finishing the book, this stuff had a time stamp on it so I had to bust it out first.

If you haven’t checked out Save Apathea yet or in awhile, I would highly recommend checking it out next week. We’re posting a new page every weekday, having YA authors guest blogging [as well as some other literary folk, I think], and First Second has hooked us up with some swag from Macmillan related to banned books and will be giving them away during the week. Be there!

Anyhow, the animated gif below is a compilation of banners I did for websites, and the image above is a placeholder image until we get the cover done for websites that write articles or what not about Americus.

If you are interested in having copies of the banners for your website & helping promote the book & Banned Book Well, send me an e-mail & I’ll send you the files.

jonathan [at]

2 Responses to “Americus promo stuff”

  1. These are awesome and I’ll be spreading the word in my part of library-land. I love the bookmarks but the one with the library staff person strikes me funny–she certainly does want people to take books off the shelves, but to read. If I saw it outside of this context I wouldn’t get it. Maybe she could say Libraries Love Banned Books or Get Your Banned Books at the Library? I dunno.

  2. ha ha ha. That’s a good point. Truth be told, I think they already sent the images out to different websites and stuff, so it might be too late. Otherwise I probably would go back and fix them. I think the animated .gif works okay though because it’s in the context of the other images, as well as the big ‘Banned Book Week’ copy at the bottom of the banner.

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