A Tribute to Nautical Comix

(Sep 22, 2010)

Sorry for the absence the last couple of weeks.  I feel like a bit of a schmuck for offering to write extra posts for the blog and then disappearing for a bit, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Drawing AMATEURS, along with some other assignments have kept me plenty busy, but unfortunately has left me little time to post.

Something I planned on writing was a review of some recently purchased comics. I had bought at least two books in the past month that dealt with characters going off to sea.  There aren’t a lot of comics that deal with nautical adventure, but I’ve noticed there have been a few released in the last couple of years, and thought it might be an interesting topic to pontificate about.

My plan was to write a couple reviews, and draw a bit of fanart to go with each one.  But as I said before, I’ve not had much time to write, and I didn’t want to post up an ill-thought out review.  I did get some drawings inspired by some of the books done, so I figured I’d share them below:

THE UNSINKABLE WALKER BEAN (story and art by Aaron Renier, colors by Alec Longstreth)

SET TO SEA (by Drew Weing)

(I can’t decide if the above rebus is completely impenetrable or not.  Anyone out there able to suss it out?)

While I can’t write the review I feel these titles deserve, let me say I highly recommend both books. While both deal with similar subject matter, each author handles it in his own way.  And both books feature cartoonists obviously pushing the limits of their skills.  Exciting stuff that’s well worth tracking down.

Here are some more of the nautical comix I alluded to in the beginning… Perhaps I’ll write about them more (or draw tribute art for them) in the future:

FAR ARDEN by Kevin Cannon
ISAAC THE PIRATE (two volumes out so far) and THE SPEED ABATER by Cristophe Blain
GOOD-BYE CHUNKY RICE by Craig Thompson (Not a nautical story per se, though a big chunk of it takes place during a sea voyage.  Also, few artist draw water as beutifully as Mr. Thompson)

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