Facts About Lightning

(Sep 29, 2010)

This week I drew a guest strip for GOODBYE CHAINS, a western comic by Alice Hunt and Tracy Williams. I like westerns in general, but this comic has a unique tone that I think makes it stand out.  It makes reference to the world outside of its Old West setting (one of the characters is […]

Americus promo stuff

(Sep 24, 2010)

So I’ve spent this last week drawing promo stuff for Americus. We’re doing a big promotional push for Banned Book Week, and even though I have some stuff to work on in regards to actually finishing the book, this stuff had a time stamp on it so I had to bust it out first. If […]

A Tribute to Nautical Comix

(Sep 22, 2010)

Sorry for the absence the last couple of weeks.  I feel like a bit of a schmuck for offering to write extra posts for the blog and then disappearing for a bit, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Drawing AMATEURS, along with some other assignments have kept me plenty busy, but unfortunately has left […]

tiny tiny Teaser

(Sep 17, 2010)

Ever since I finished up the initial pages of Americus back in April, I started brainstorming on what I wanted to work on next. When I started Americus, I though I would finish it up and then get back to the story I was working on previously – One of the Johns. Unfortunately, it just […]

Previews and Anniversaries

(Sep 01, 2010)

This week the AMATEURS website went live.  The comic isn’t ready to go up yet (Jeremy and I are still working on creating a buffer of pages), but we made a short teaser for the project, which is what occupies the space at the moment. Part of me has wondered if making a preview for […]

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