Loneliness of the Long Distance Rambo

(Aug 18, 2010)

Still busy with semi-secret artstuff, but I’ve managed to wring out a couple of postable things for this week.


… RAMBO MONTH that is.  Jonathan and I have been watching one Rambo movie a week for the last month, finishing up with the last film this past Sunday.

The reasons for this marathon were silly… Neither of us had seen these movies, and I had happened upon FIRST BLOOD and RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II in a dvd bargain bin.  And given our love of ridiculous action movies, why not?

The ridiculous action itch was most thoroughly scratched.  I felt I had a certain idea of what to expect from the RAMBO series based on pop culture references and parodies, and it was fun to have those assumptions confirmed or subverted as time we viewed each moment.  So it goes when watching a cultural juggernaut for the first time I guess.  I don’t want to go on and on too much about this, so I’ll just sum up the main thing I learned from watching these movies…

I kind of want to do something to commemorate these films beyond this post or these few goofy pictures (Though the above drawing is actually a work-in-progress. But still…). Whatever shape it takes, I’m sure you’ll see it here eventually


…Not until Friday that is.  What am I talking about?  Jonathan’s Art Auction of course!  If you haven’t heard, our boy is auctioning off gems from his old art pile to help fund his upcoming trip to Vietnam (where he will totally recreate the events of the second Rambo movie. Totally!).

If you’re unsure of how owning an original Jonathan Hill masterpiece can improve your life, may I suggest observing the examples below:

To see what’s available, gently scroll down to the following blog post.  Bid soon, and bid high!  Explosive-tip arrows ain’t gonna buy themselves, folks!

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