A Shell Of A Tumble!

(Aug 04, 2010)

Just posting some sketchbook stuff this week.  More polished work next time…?  We shall see…

Some more random work: (a) Some character designs of nerds… for the COMIC NRRDS VS THE BIBLE strips I posted a couple of weeks ago. (b) A dubiously agile T-Rex.  I’ve been inking sketches I like with the ole’ brushpen lately.  (c) Drawn straight to brushpen… Rubbery face! (d) Donatello, posing with his bo staff.  And if you’re asking why his bandanna isn’t purple… Sorry. You’ve lost the game.

Drawing Donny got me in the mood to do more Ninja Turtle sketches.  I made a few bad ones attempting bad ass ninja poses, when I decided to just draw them skateboarding.  I always liked that the Turtles had a hobby outside of punching ninja and aliens, so why not celebrate that.

However, that ended up becoming a bunch of quick sketches of Turtles wiping out:

Nothing against any skaters reading this, but when I watch people skateboard, I see a lot of spills.

I liked the sketch in the bottom corner of one turtle nursing his knee and showing off his still bloody tooth-gap, so I tried making a more finished version:

This was just a quickly drawn ink sketch.  Some of the poses are a little screwy, but it might be fun to rework into a full color piece.  Actually, Turtles taking spills off skateboards would be a fun series of drawing…  if I can ever find the free time that is.

2 Responses to “A Shell Of A Tumble!”

  1. love that last drawing. that’s how i remember skating!

  2. Thanks, Nate. I had the same experience when I tried to learn to skateboard as a young lad. No missing teeth, but plenty of bloodied knees and elbows. Alas, I never did manage to get the hang of the board.

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