Back to School!

(Aug 20, 2010)

First off, I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ to everyone that bid on pieces from my last minute art auction! I will be invoicing you today and mailing the works out next week. Expect postcards from Vietnam in the next week or two as well! Anyhow, things are still pretty […]

Loneliness of the Long Distance Rambo

(Aug 18, 2010)

Still busy with semi-secret artstuff, but I’ve managed to wring out a couple of postable things for this week. IT’S OVER… … RAMBO MONTH that is.  Jonathan and I have been watching one Rambo movie a week for the last month, finishing up with the last film this past Sunday. The reasons for this marathon […]

Art Auction!

(Aug 13, 2010)

So this might seem a little bit last minute, but I’m going to be heading to Vietnam at the end of the month and in hopes of raising some extra money and cleaning out my art shelves in the process, I’m going to be holding an auction here on the blog for some original art […]

Miscellaneous WW illustrations

(Aug 06, 2010)

Nothing too fancy this week, just some miscellaneous Willamette Week illustrations that I’ve done that I haven’t posted already for whatever reason. Oops. I think I just accidentally outed myself as a hack – notice how the first three illustration recycle my stock image for ‘generic textured background’. Ha! – – – And don’t forget […]

A Shell Of A Tumble!

(Aug 04, 2010)

Just posting some sketchbook stuff this week.  More polished work next time…?  We shall see… Some more random work: (a) Some character designs of nerds… for the COMIC NRRDS VS THE BIBLE strips I posted a couple of weeks ago. (b) A dubiously agile T-Rex.  I’ve been inking sketches I like with the ole’ brushpen […]

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