Save Apathea to go live next Monday!

(Jul 29, 2010)

As I  mentioned before, I haven’t really been posting here the last couple of weeks because I’ve been getting, the website for Americus, ready. We plan on going live next Monday, jumping right into it with all of chapter 1 up and with chapter 2 starting then. We’ll be posting new pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday up until right before our publication date in Fall of 2011.

MK and I will be blogging along with the pages and we’ll also have guest bloggers swinging in to post as well. I’ll be in charge of blogging on Wednesdays, so mark your calendars.

I’m  a little nervous about the blogging aspect because I’m afraid I’m going to either a.] be at a loss of things to talk about, and b.] keep talking about the same old thing and bore the hell out if people. If you have ideas of topics or aspects of the process that you might want to hear about, please let me know.

The concept we went with for the website design was that it was created by the main character, Neil. If you check out the website, you’ll see that we have a big splash page that directs you to the main blog, with Neil working on the website, while being surrounded by some of the drawings he’s created for the website.

Similar to how I do major corrections, I just did a normal ink drawing of Neil, and then took some tracing paper and drew ‘his’ drawings over it.

I then scanned in both images, layered them into one, and then went ahead and colored the illustration. Here’s the final piece:

All right, even with the blogging duties starting over at Save Apathea, I’m gonna try to be posting here regularly again.

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