Save Apathea to go live next Monday!

(Jul 29, 2010)

As I  mentioned before, I haven’t really been posting here the last couple of weeks because I’ve been getting, the website for Americus, ready. We plan on going live next Monday, jumping right into it with all of chapter 1 up and with chapter 2 starting then. We’ll be posting new pages every Monday, […]

Blasphemer? I Don’t Even Know Her!

(Jul 21, 2010)

Last week, I heard that the Westboro Baptist Church was planning to hold a protest at the San Diego Comic Con.  Apparently reading comics is synonymous with “idol worship” to these wackos (and their history of wacko-ness runs long and deep.  Just look at their wikipedia page). This line from their announcement caught my attention: […]

Drawing like you’re thirteen

(Jul 10, 2010)

So for the decor of the Americus website, we’re treating it as if it was created by the main character, Neil Barton. The tricky thing about this is trying to draw like I’m thirteen years old. After doing some drawings, I realized that it’s easier to draw like you’re five than you’re thirteen. I think […]

Up A Tree

(Jul 07, 2010)

I wanted to do a quick piece this week, since I don’t want to show off anything I’ve been working on yet. However, most of my ideas have been some sort of fan art or AMATEURS-related, of which I feel I’ve been posting too much lately.  As Jonathan put it, I wanted to think “outside […]

Happy Independence Day!

(Jul 04, 2010)

Happy Birthday, America! Here’s a little audio clip Jason captured years ago that sums up the matter quite nicely. Bonus points if you can figure out where it’s from. – – – This year’s Finder magazine the WW publishes came out this week. Jen and I hit up the release party a little too late […]

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