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(Jun 25, 2010)

Some big news – First Second has asked MK and I to serialize Americus online. Details are still being hashed out, but we’re hoping to have the website up and ready to go around the middle of July. I am pretty excited, though I’ll admit it’s kind of funny too. I think the standard approach is to do your webcomic and finish it up with hopes of having a publisher picking it up. We’re doing the reverse – we’ve got the book finished and have a publisher, but are doing the webcomic to help drum up interest and support for the book before it’s release date next fall.

Like I said, I’m pretty excited. I’ll give you more details as they pop up.

– – –

I also did some spot illustrations for an entertainment piece for this week’s Willamette Week. There is a free, all ages music festival happening in the St. John’s neighborhood this weekend. If you get the chance, check it out. I haven’t been to St. Johns in years and years, but it’s a beautiful area and the third annual No. Fest seems pretty awesome.

I’ve finished the next page of A Date in Time and Space, but I’m gonna put it on hold for now while I work on getting ready to get rolling.

xoxo- jonathan

4 Responses to “News & illustrations!”

  1. Dude, I can’t wait to read Americus.. I read the pages in Papercutter. I’m stoked.

  2. Great! I’m really excited to read Americus! Digitally AND in print!

  3. Thanks, you guys! I’m really excited too.

  4. Yay!! Can’t wait!

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