A Quick Jolt

(Jun 02, 2010)

This week I felt like trying to knock out an illustration as quickly as possible.  I’ve been wanting to do another pin up of an AMATEURS character, so I did a few sketches and went with my favorite idea.  I decided to post progress shots since a lot of Photoshop work went into creating the final image.

I like the concept of this image, though I think I could have executed it better.  I’m not too upset though, since the point was to have something finished at the end of the day.

10 Responses to “A Quick Jolt”

  1. hey again jason, just going to throw this out there.
    have you thought about doing some sort of header image to let your viewing audience know instantly who’s update they’re reading?
    sort of like ron and i do on the inkcells blog. sort of exactly like ron and i do on the inkcells blog.
    not to say that i’m a genius or anything, but sometimes i’m just a goddamn genius.

    and you might say it’s more about the group as a whole then any one individual.
    well, i’d say that’s very noble of you.

  2. we’re commie pinko bastards for sure.

  3. Actually, we’re really all dirty socialists, though as one of our parents would say… “That’s the first step towards communism!”

    Thanks for the suggestion though. I feel a design update of the blog is imminent, so we’ll see. Also, nice way to pimp your own blog while commenting on our own. Nicely played… you filthy shill!

  4. that’s exactly what my parents say about socialism too!
    the red scare lives deep in those reagan babies doesn’t it?

    and not to toot my own horn, but our blog has a total of 9 followers! yessir, it’s slimy promotional tactics like you’ve seen here that almost have my readership in DOUBLE DIGITS!

  5. Seeing you draw things like this makes me hate you.

  6. That was meant as a compliment.

  7. If it helps, I tend to take all of your insults as compliments.

  8. Man, this thing looks sweet. I’m sorry it took me so long to see it. I should have stayed home from Charlotte…Just to see this.

  9. I really like this one.

  10. Thanks a lot, Hav.

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