A Date in Time and Space

(May 14, 2010)

Here’s the first page of the comic I’ve been working on based on a question I asked Jen a couple of months ago – If we could go on a date anywhere in time and space, where would she want to go? [Which is obviously influenced by all the Doctor Who I’ve been watching].

Anyhow, I had wanted to draw the comic as a present for her for awhile, but I was wrapping up Americus and then some other things got in the way. I thought it would be a fun project to do to keep my drawing muscles exercised while I work on odds and ends and brainstorm on what my next project should be.

Some notes: I decided to keep it simple and keep it on a 9 panel grid and just kind of write it as I draw it, with key plot points in mind. This has been fun, as I’m just trying to fit in gags when I think of them, but also a little annoying because I think the pacing is a little weird, as I think you can tell in this first page.

Anyhow, it’s coming along slower than I want, but I’ll be posting the rest of it as I finish it up. It was originally supposed to be like 2-3 pages, but now I think it’s going to be like 5-6 pages.

2 Responses to “A Date in Time and Space”

  1. Can’t wait to see how it goes! looks like you’re both in for an adventure!

  2. Thanks, Wendy. There will be more this week! You guys still rocking the Doctor Who?

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