A Date in Time and Space continued…

(May 21, 2010)

Here’s the next couple of pages. xoxo

A Date in Time and Space

(May 14, 2010)

Here’s the first page of the comic I’ve been working on based on a question I asked Jen a couple of months ago – If we could go on a date anywhere in time and space, where would she want to go? [Which is obviously influenced by all the Doctor Who I’ve been watching]. Anyhow, […]

Don’t Wink!

(May 12, 2010)

Another bit of DOCTOR WHO fan art… I’ll get around to drawing something else one of these days. “Don’t wink. Don’t even wink. Wink and you’re dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and DON’T WINK! Good luck.”

Red Pencil Diaries

(May 05, 2010)

Quick entry this week… I drew a sketch of the following while re-watching this week’s DOCTOR WHO, and thought I’d do a cleaned up version: I’ve been occasionally sketching with a spare red pencil for the last week or so. I like the look of it… perhaps I’ll make it a thing: Red pencil for […]

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