W-P-A to the M-A-X

(Apr 23, 2010)


I just got in from seven days on the road. It was an amazing and much-needed vacation. The Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon were really spectacular, as well as a lot of the scenery all around. My favorite stretch was driving from Bryce to the Grand Canyon from southern Utah to northern Arizona. Anyhow, as you probably could’ve guessed, I didn’t get any drawing done. There was too much moving around, driving, and hiking, and it was hard for me to make time for it. But don’t worry! I have some goodness to share with you on my return.

At the gift shop in Bryce, they actually had some really awesome postcards and posters that were reproductions of old WPA posters. They are pretty awesome. Here’s the four that I nabbed.

I should have some new stuff up next week. While I’m waiting for the Americus edits to get back to me, I’ve got complete freedom on what I work on. I plan on making the best of it!

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