Down in the Work and Sketch Dumps

(Apr 21, 2010)

I’ve been too busy this past week to work on anything specific for ye ole’ blogge, so here’s some non-spoilery AMATEURS stuff:

Also, inspired by Jonathan’s drawing of Dalek Sec a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d try my hand at drawing a DOCTOR WHO alien.  Specifically, the Ood.  So creeepy, yet so polite!

Okay… well their voices sound polite.  Trust me on this.

Remember Jason Turner’s Page 100 Project that I drew a page for a while back?  Well, two more folks have gotten into the game: Rebecca Dart and Mark Campos have both drawn some pretty stellar pages of their own (and both of their books look like interesting reads).  Jason is keeping a list of all Page 100 adaptations so far at his site.  I’m curious to see if more people are willing to jump on this particular bandwagon.

One Response to “Down in the Work and Sketch Dumps”

  1. […] So I guess you’ll see that as far as thumbnails & planning go, I kept it to a minimum. I basically used it to help me pace out the action and set up the staging on a very basic level. Other people, like my studio mate Jason Rainey, gets really detailed in his thumbnails – so much so that sometimes he blows them up and just traces over them and adds detail to draw his pages. Here’s an example. […]

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