Pre-vacation illustration post

(Apr 15, 2010)

Not much to report this week. Here’s some stuff I did for the Willamette Week recently. The first is for a news article in this week’s issue and the other is for this year’s volume of the Finder magazine they publish. I did other versions of these commuting illustrations with red and blue and I think the art director is going to mix and match them in the actual magazine, but I’m just going to post the green ones here.

<image removed until the Finder is published>

All right. I’m on vacation with the misses as a way to celebrate finishing up the bulk of the work on Americus. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some observational drawing while I’m on the road and I’ll post them when I get return. See you when I get back!

One more thing – Saturday is Tyler’s birthday, so drop him a line or post a birthday comment on one of his X-men illustrations!

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