Conceptualizing heritage and website update!

(Apr 30, 2010)

So May is Asian American Heritage Month and every year for the Asian Reporter I do an illustration to accompany their featured section on the subject. Every year I set out to do a nice conceptual image that illustrated heritage, but every year I end up doing some sort of collage image. Is it possible […]

Just Larry King-in’ It

(Apr 28, 2010)

click comic to read! My post this week is inspired by a regular segment on KEVIN POLLAK’S CHAT SHOW (an internet-based talk show) called The Larry King Game.  The rules of the game are as follows: Do a bad Larry King impression (since I can’t do an “impression” in a comic, I opted to draw […]

Phoenix et al.

(Apr 27, 2010)

Your X-man of the week: Phoenix: And because it was easy: Dark Phoenix: Again, working on getting the brush to really look like a brush. Saw some Paul Pope pages at Stumptown Comics Fest last weekend, which were inspiring to say the least; He works at a very large scale, compared to what I’ve seen […]

W-P-A to the M-A-X

(Apr 23, 2010)

Hey-ooo! I just got in from seven days on the road. It was an amazing and much-needed vacation. The Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon were really spectacular, as well as a lot of the scenery all around. My favorite stretch was driving from Bryce to the Grand Canyon from southern Utah to northern Arizona. […]

Down in the Work and Sketch Dumps

(Apr 21, 2010)

I’ve been too busy this past week to work on anything specific for ye ole’ blogge, so here’s some non-spoilery AMATEURS stuff: Also, inspired by Jonathan’s drawing of Dalek Sec a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d try my hand at drawing a DOCTOR WHO alien.  Specifically, the Ood.  So creeepy, yet so polite! […]


(Apr 20, 2010)

Here’s Gambit! I’m pretty happy with this one. I tried to loosen up my brush work, and will try to continue that from now on. I’ve been thinking a lot about tools lately, and I think I tend to try and get a pen or nib line out of a brush, which seems to only […]

Pre-vacation illustration post

(Apr 15, 2010)

Not much to report this week. Here’s some stuff I did for the Willamette Week recently. The first is for a news article in this week’s issue and the other is for this year’s volume of the Finder magazine they publish. I did other versions of these commuting illustrations with red and blue and I […]

Dalek Sec!

(Apr 08, 2010)

Anybody else watch Doctor Who? I had put the third series on while I was working on the last of the little redrawing I had to do on Americus this week, and I’ll admit there were times where I was watching a little more than I was drawing. Anyhow, the dude above is from one […]

Page 100: The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

(Apr 08, 2010)

So I’ve taken on another artistic “project”.  This time it’s the PAGE 100 PROJECT, which was started by Jason Turner on his livejournal.  As an exercise, Jason decided to adapt the 100th page of any book of his choosing into comics form (you can see his first two adaptations here and here).  He invited others […]


(Apr 06, 2010)

Here’s my Jubilee! I am working on other stuff. Just very slowly…

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