It’s clobberin’ time! Oh, wait…

(Mar 12, 2010)

Lots of random goodies this week. First off, after seeing Tyler’s stylish Wolverine, I thought I’d give it a try. Only I wanted to emphasize the parts that I thought were ‘classic’ Wolverine that seem to have been lost since I was a kid. Mainly that he’s short and hairy. I also wanted to make him a little ridiculous, but the 12 year old in my head wouldn’t let me. He kept saying, ‘You can’t do that! He’s Wolverine! He’s badass!’

You be the judge.

The second issue of the Ne’er-Do-Well Literary Magazine is finally put together. If you’ll remember, I did the illustration and screenprinted the cover. Anyhow, I got my copy the other day, and I’m pretty stoked how they turned out.

You can get them at Powell’s or order them from The Ne’er-Do-Well website. Be there!

And finally, I did another news spot in this week’s Willamette Week. It’s about the pros and cons of a high school redesign. You can read the article here.

Till next week, fair readers.

2 Responses to “It’s clobberin’ time! Oh, wait…”

  1. Your Wolverine looks really stocky.

    That book cover looks great!

  2. Love the book cover. Wolverine is bitchin. The school illustration is my favorite though. You are awesome friend. I get constant questions about the calendar. It’s hanging in our store.

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