Halfway done with the final chapter of Americus [and illustrations, too]!

(Feb 19, 2010)

So I’m hoping, er scratch that, DETERMINED to get the 10th page of chapter 9 of Americus done today, which will mean that I’m halfway done with the final chapter and also only have 10 PAGES LEFT! Woo-hoo!

Here’s a set of two panels from chapter 9:

Also, I did some work for the Willamette Week this week, as well as some pro bono work for the great folks at Hyphen Magazine for their next issue. Check them out.

EDIT: Forgot there’s a NDA with the illustration. The issue should be out the second or third week of April. Will keep you posted and repost the image when I am allowed to.

I’m taking a vacation with the misses next week so don’t expect anything from me.

3 Responses to “Halfway done with the final chapter of Americus [and illustrations, too]!”

  1. What’s the story in that last illustration?

  2. mike – it’s not a story in the last illustration. it’s a set of three scenarios that asian-americans are known for – wrapping their remotes in plastic, ordering water without ice and then changing into their jammies as soon as they get home.

    it’ll be awhile before the issue comes out and i didn’t get the copy for it, so i’m not really 100% sure myself. will be interesting to see.

  3. Haha, never heard of the first one, but I’ve seen the latter two.

    This blog D found is hysterical, and so true: http://stuffkoreanmomslike.blogspot.com/

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