Where the ‘magic’ happens…

(Feb 25, 2010)

So I had a breather for a second while I was getting the Asian Reporter cartoon done and I figured that posting something was better than nothing, so I took one of those cliche panoramic mash-up photos of my workspace. I hope there’s nothing embarrassing on my desk there… Anyhow, see you next week!


(Feb 22, 2010)

Rogue! I missed the last couple of weeks, I’ll try not to let that happen again. ~ty

Halfway done with the final chapter of Americus [and illustrations, too]!

(Feb 19, 2010)

So I’m hoping, er scratch that, DETERMINED to get the 10th page of chapter 9 of Americus done today, which will mean that I’m halfway done with the final chapter and also only have 10 PAGES LEFT! Woo-hoo! Here’s a set of two panels from chapter 9: Also, I did some work for the Willamette […]

Backloggin’ It, Big Time!

(Feb 17, 2010)

My apologies for the last two weeks of silence. Things have been hectic since I’ve been hanging  with my man Michael Caine. You wouldn’t think it if you saw him, but when he comes to town, the party gets started. And if there’s already a party going on, “Sugar” Caine kicks it up to the […]

Happy New Year!

(Feb 12, 2010)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope the Year of the Tiger treats you well. If you’re interested in reading your horoscope for the coming year, you can head on over to the Asian Reporter’s website and download the Lunar New Year section in PDF form. Be there!

Just mixin’ it up

(Feb 05, 2010)

Nothing fancy this week. Just working on the design of a mix cd. Here are the illustrations without the typographic elements. I volunteered to do some pro bono illustration work for Hyphen Magazine, so I will probably have some of that process stuff up next week…. Wait, no. Next week is Tet, so I’ll have […]

Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus

(Feb 01, 2010)

This week’s X-man. A special request from my sister, Jes. Hopefully, I’ll have more stuff, besides X-men to show you! Love, Tyler

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