Someone has had an off week…

(Jan 25, 2010)

That’s right: this moi.

Didn’t really get any thing done except this little jewel:

and even this is poorly executed. Meh. Sorry Jeremy.

Here’s the thing though. I’ve really enjoyed how these fan art pieces have helped me work faster and more playfully as well as experiment with coloring techniques so I’ve decided to keep doing them. So, I’ve started a new project today: X-man A Week! Will be taking requests. And Jeremy I’ll do another Longshot and Dazzler for ya down the road.



5 Responses to “Someone has had an off week…”

  1. Hell Yes!!! X-man a week!!!! Make sure you do an Illyana Rasputin all evil-as-shit demon chick illustration….You know eventually.

  2. I’ve already told you, but here it is in writing: I want short, hairy, cigar-smoking Wolverine.

  3. I miss old X-men. It used to be fun to read. I couldn’t tell you what’s going on nowadays. Dude, you have to do a punk rock/morlock leader Storm eventually. That mohawk was badass!!! I tried to look up how many x-people there have been over the years. Couldn’t really find anything definitive. You could probably do an x-man a week for like seven years though.

  4. Well, I actually think X-men is pretty good right now… but I would love go back and read some older stuff, especially the outback stuff. Though, the older I get the harder Claremont is to read…

  5. Amen to that. Is Fraction still writing X-men?

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