Space Odysseys (Who-Who-Kachoo!)

(Jan 06, 2010)

Jumping into January’s Fan Art Fray, I turn to a newer obsession of mine… Doctor Who.  I’d been vaguely interested in watching the new Doctor Who series after watching Torchwood, but it wasn’t until Jonathan started watching it on Netflix that I took the plunge.  I quickly fell in love with the show’s mix of adventure, quirky humor and campy sci-fi.

In particular, I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of The Doctor.  I’m used to seeing him play villians or tough guys, but in Doctor Who, he takes on a more comedic role.  He’s quite brilliant, and I was disappointed that he left the series after its first season.

Anyway, here’s his version of The Doctor, along with his travelling companion Rose and her boyfriend Ricky…  I mean Mickey.

Since I missed last week’s blog post, here’s the Tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) on a horse.

Continuing in the vein of sci-fi stories, Joey Weiser recently finished his latest graphic novel Cavemen In Space.  He’s looking to self-publish this effort, and is holding a fundraiser to raise money for the printing bill.  He’s offering various gifts for different levels of donation, including minicomics, copies of his book and original art.  All the relevant details are at his website:

Joey also does the weekly comic strip Monster Isle, which I’ve mentioned here before.  Both that and his website are worth checking out.

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