Pierced by many arrows…

(Jan 29, 2010)

Here’s the my wrap-up of fan art January, my favorite scene in Lord of the Rings, the fall and redemption of Boromir: I’m pretty happy with the drawing itself, though I didn’t have the time to fully color it. I might end up going back and giving it the full treatment sometime down the road. […]

The Other Captain

(Jan 27, 2010)

To wrap up my contribution to Fan Art Apocalypse 2010, I’m wandering outside of Doctor Who the show and casting my metaphorical fishing pole into the larger Doc Who universe (I can’t bring myself to say “Who-niverse”. Nrrd Fail). This week I reeled in Captain John Hart, a character who makes a few appearances in […]

Someone has had an off week…

(Jan 25, 2010)

That’s right: this moi. Didn’t really get any thing done except this little jewel: and even this is poorly executed. Meh. Sorry Jeremy. Here’s the thing though. I’ve really enjoyed how these fan art pieces have helped me work faster and more playfully as well as experiment with coloring techniques so I’ve decided to keep […]

Aragorn & the Palantir

(Jan 22, 2010)

Ha! So Tyler and Jason both stepped up their game this week and I stepped mine down. I think I’m starting to burn out a little bit with all the drawing I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. Anyhow, this is for the Hav. It’s where Aragorn uses one of the Palantir to show […]

Smile For The Camera!

(Jan 21, 2010)

This week I thought I’d pay homage to one of my favorite Doctor Who scenes featuring the character Captain Jack Harkness.  It’s hard to explain the scene without getting too much into set up and back story, so I’ll just say it shows off the Captain’s resourcefulness when stuck in a situation with only the […]

Uncanny Fan Art

(Jan 18, 2010)

Emma Frost: looks kinda like Shirley Manson to me… And Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler: Many thanks to Jake for fixing Emma’s face, and reminding me that Nightcrawler’s Bamf! is always pink… -10 geek points for me, +10 for Jake. I’m taking requests for next week! Love, Tyler

Tom bom, Jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

(Jan 15, 2010)

It’s everyone’s favorite, Tom Bombadil! I will admit to some serious nerd fail here: It’s supposed to be the scene at the Barrow Downs where the Barrow Wight attacks the hobbits and they sing his name and he comes to rescue them. I didn’t go back or read it, I just sort of drew what […]

More of You Know Who

(Jan 14, 2010)

I didn’t plan to keep drawing Doctor Who for Fan Art January.  However, my old buddy Tony suggested, nay, demanded that I draw the fourth incarnation of The Doctor.  And when a Darn Good Fellaâ„¢ such as Tony demands such a thing, who am I to say no? Also, after finishing last week’s drawings, I […]

And More Fan Art!

(Jan 12, 2010)

And another X-man to boot! Kitty Pryde a.k.a Shadowcat: I think it came out ok… It’d be fun to rework it, maybe one day.. Love, Tyler

Illustration Struggles & More LotR Fan Art

(Jan 08, 2010)

Here’s a behind-the-scenes anecdote about illustration work, though this story is about me kind of messing up, which while actually going through it was kind of horrible, I think I got something from it. Or is that what we tell ourselves to lessen the crazies? So the thing started out well – I got the […]

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