BPB Calendars Now For Sale!

(Dec 18, 2009)


Better late than never? Well, hopefully!

brownpaperbag’s 2010 Calendar is finally available to order. Odyssey of the Unexplained features twelve pulp novel inspired illustrations by the bpb boys (design and image samples below).  You can have your very own for $20 +$2 shipping and handling.

Since its late in the game, we can’t guarantee a Christmas delivery, though we’ll hopefully be able to get calendars to you before the new year if you order soon.  We’ll start taking orders to the printer this weekend, so shipping time depends on how quickly they can print for us.

If you have any requests, need quicker shipping or have problems ordering, email me at jason [at] bpb-art.com and I’ll try to sort things out.



One Response to “BPB Calendars Now For Sale!”

  1. hey guys, i love this years calendar! when i look at this calendar it make the pain i feel about my youth slipping by a little less gut wrenching. thank you for making the slow march to death a little more fun. yeah, brown paper bag makes my life better!

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