Tardy Party! Woo!

(Dec 02, 2009)

I’m embarrassed to say my calendar stuff keeps taking longer than anticipated.  Fingers crossed — I should be done with everything by this weekend.  So I’ve decided to keep updating this post with each calendar image as I finish them.  To start off, here’s the piece I hinted at last week:


All I have to say about this is that it was my shameless excuse to get a zeppelin somewhere in this calendar.


Still tweaking stuff on this drawing.  If possible, I’d like to find a better brush-style font for the title.  Also not sure about the blurb up top.  Life is hard.

If you’re interested in purchasing a calendar, we’ll have ordering info up later this week.

UPDATE (4 Dec, 10:56pm): Posting a “final-ish” version of the Space Zeppelin cover.  I might change the logo later (it’s looking a little too modern to me, even if it’s inspired by an old sci-fi paperback), but it’s otherwise finished.

UPDATE (6 Dec, 5:23…am???) Sleep schedule has gone to crap. One of those days… Before I try to get a couple hours shut-eye, I thought I’d post the Meet Me At Midnight cover, which is pretty much finished save for the logo.  Should have that finish later in the day.

UPDATE (8 Dec, 9:24am) My Rifle, My Pony and Me… finished!  Except for the BPB logo.  I think I’m going to do all of those in one fell swoop.

UPDATE (11 Dec 4:23am) Final illustration is finished… logos and everything.  Shall finish logos for other covers and start getting this calendar put together.

FINISHED! (11 Dec 5:16pm) Final versions of covers posted.  This Tardy Party is declared ovah!

cal_1-final cal-2-final

cal-3-final cal-4-final

4 Responses to “Tardy Party! Woo!”

  1. Dude…Lets do the space zepplin story…I’m serious. Drop everything else….Lets do it!

  2. Jeremy, you should write it into AMATEURS. Like how Alan Moore has the pirate comic in WATCHMEN.

  3. Nice design elements along the side. Especially the dodo. Ha!

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