Another Victim of the Funky Brewsters…

(Nov 25, 2009)

I had planned to post more this week, but I think I had a bit of the art funk Tyler talked about Monday.  In particular, I’d hoped to post my fourth calendar illustration.  I’ve been working on it, but I’m not at a point where I’m ready to share it.

Just to post something today, here are the two illustrations I posted last week with a little color to them.


Just basic flats on this one.  There’s not much to do on the characters aside from shading, though I’ll try to add some texture to that background.


I’m playing around with atmospheric effects on this one, trying to figure out what works best.  There’s still a lot to do on this, but I think it at least captures the feeling I’m going for.  Not sure if the fog looks to cheesy… will probably play with it some more later.

As for the illustration I’m working on, I’ll just post this teaser sketch for now:


Oh goodness!

Have a fine Thanksgiving everyone.

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