Just cd coverin’ it

(Nov 20, 2009)


So I have a bunch of CDs I have to burn for people, and since I don’t really have the time to draw and design a cover for each of them, I thought that I would draw a generic CD cover to use for all of them. And in case anyone is interested, there’s a link here of the PDF is anyone wants to print it out and use it for themselves:

Generic CD cover.pdf

[It’s a 8 x 11, black & white, .pdf file. You can just print it out, fold it down the middle and cut off the white space. The live area should be 9 x 4.75.]

I know this one is really, really simple and sort of a cop-out, but I like the idea, and think it would be fun to do more of these [and get the other guys to contribute] so maybe in the future we could have a free download section of dumb things like this for people. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Just cd coverin’ it”

  1. Who doesn’t like free dumb stuff?

  2. so where is my damn mix coz?

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