Quillin’ it up, biznatches

(Nov 14, 2009)


The other day at worked, I helped a very lovely woman who was looking to get into ink drawing. We ended up talking shop for a really long time, and I recommended to her that she give drawing with quill nib a try because she was looking for something more organic than a pen, but not as bold as a brush.

It got me to remembering that for the longest time I used to draw almost exclusively with a quill. It wasn’t until towards the end of college that I started playing with using a brush. Now I can’t see myself using anything but the brush [besides some microns for fine detail here and there]. It was interesting to be thinking about my progression as an artist in terms of the tools that I use, and how that to a big extent also reflects me as a person.

Anyhow, I decided to dust off the old supplies and doodle a bit. The only one worth sharing is the image above, which was drawn from a picture in a book on Japanese cinema. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely like to dedicate the time to drawing with some old supplies that I don’t use much anymore in the future…

And for old time’s sake here’s some older works brought to you by the quill –





And to get an idea of how different my style became after starting to use a brush, here’s another Candy & Veronica comic strip i did for the District, SCAD’s newspaper.


[Ha! One more note: Notice that most of these images are of my old girlfriend and her best friend, who I absolutely adored at the time. It’s also interesting [and slightly embarassing] how your body of work as an artist can reveal a lot about you as well.]

4 Responses to “Quillin’ it up, biznatches”

  1. Dude memory lane!! Who’s that guy in the third panel of Candy & Veronica? What was his name??? HAHAHAH When you’re angry I chuckle my friend.

  2. ha ha ha. yeah. i was a pretty angry man in college. there’s a reason that in almost every drawing jason has done of me, it’s me yelling.

    at least i could always count on you to join me in activities to help release some of that.

    good times.

  3. Gotta love that statute of limitations. I know nothing.

  4. As your attorney, I advise that you keep “knowing nothing”.

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