Timeliness FAIL…

(Nov 11, 2009)

Dudes… remember how last month we were offering a copy of Jeremy Massie’s The Deadbeat to one lucky, randomly chosen commenter?  Well… we’ve been meaning to announce a winner.  With the multitude of projects going on around here, it kind of slipped our minds.  So let’s waste no more time and get down to brass tacks!


The winner of brownpaperbag’s second lottery drawing is… The Hav!  Congrats, sir!  If you email Jonathan (jonathan [at] oneofthejons [dotz] com) with your contact info, we’ll send your book out ASAP.

We haven’t decided on if we’ll do a lottery for this month.  If we come up with something, we’ll announce it here for sure.

Also, I’d just like to thank anyone who’s been following the site whether you’ve been commenting or not.  We’re all pleased as punch to be working and sharing whatever nonsense is being brewed in our brains… We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

I’ve felt a little embarrassed watching Jonathan and Tyler posting bad ass calendar stuff week after week, and not having much to offer myself.  Part of the reason has been that I’ve been busy with other work… I could offer a bunch of reasons, but none of them are worth mentioning, so I’ll just skip to the end.  Work is being done, the calendar will be finished and ready for sale soon.

It’s not much, but here is one of my illustrations in progress.  I’m working on a couple more at the same time, but I don’t think they’re ready for prime time.  Maybe next week.


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