Old commitments

(Nov 06, 2009)

I thought I would be able to start working on Americus pages again this week, but that last of some commitments to smaller projects I had made last month are lingering on. It feels good to have work and keep busy, but I really, really was hoping to jump back on the Americus train. That deadline is ticking away. Anyhow, here’s the image of the cover of a local small press literary magazine that I’ll be helping out with [sans the design elements] –


And some stuff for the Willamette Week from the last couple of  weeks –



And a note regarding the Willamette Week – The image of the man in front of the faux Oregonian cover is the last time I’ll be working with Tom Humphrey as one of the graphic designers there. He’s moving onto bigger and better things and I wanted to wish him luck. He got me started out doing work for the WW, and also hooked me up with the awesome double page spread gig that I did for this year’s Finder Magazine. Thanks, Tom!

UPDATE: The last of my loose ends is tied up! Here’s my last calendar illustration –



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