Deadbeat or Ramblin’ Man?

(Nov 04, 2009)


We here at brownpaperbag are happy to present our first artist interview.  This was also  our first time trying to do some serious recording, and there were some growing pains and technical snafus along the way.  In the end though, we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.

deadbeat-01Our first interview guest is Jeremy Massie, a cartoonist from Wise, VA and longtime friend.  His first graphic novel, The Deadbeat, was recently published by Alterna Comics.

BPB Interviews - Jeremy Massie

[ Download ]

If you have a chance, let us know what you think in the comments.  We have more interviews we’d like to do in the future, so any feedback is appreciated.

An Excerpt from The Deadbeat



The Deadbeat Mascot


Mike Lynch recorded this sighting of the elusive Deadbeat in the wilds of the 2008 Small Press Expo.

An Excerpt from Back Pew Blues



Jeremy’s Blog: Massie is a Deadbeat
Buy The Deadbeat at
Alterna Comics, publisher of The Deadbeat


Jeremy made a couple of references during the interview that may not be familiar to folks who don’t read comics. We thought we’d offer some explanations.

Ed the Happy Clown: A comic by Chester Brown, written in a stream-of-conscious, surreal style.  It features inter-dimensional travel, scientists of questionable morals, missing body parts, vampires and a man who can’t stop pooing.  There is also a clown named Ed, though his happiness is debatable.

“S-H-I-O-T… Crock… Number 87?”: The anthology whose name Jeremy couldn’t quite remember is Shiot Crock #16.  The book is still in production, but we’ll update with more info about the book and where it can be found when we have that information.

Writing American Splendor Style: American Splendor is a anthology series of autobiographical comics by Harvey Pekar.  While most comics writers create a script with panel descriptions and dialogue, Harvey draws his comics with stick figures standing in for the characters, which serves as a guide for whoever is drawing the story.

4 Responses to “Deadbeat or Ramblin’ Man?”

  1. Damn, my accent is sexy.

  2. Good stuff. “Country as a chicken coup”. I’ll be using that one.

  3. @Massie – Not as sexy as my sensitive grizzly bear monotone though…

    @Shannon – Thanks. I think “Country as a chicken coup” was our favorite phrase of the whole interview. Couldn’t let that hit the cutting room floor.

  4. […] you listened to our interview with Jeremy Massie a while back, you may remember he mentioned a comic we’re working on […]

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