Versus The City

(Oct 21, 2009)

Did a quick illustration for the Willamette Week yesterday (my first in color… yikes!). It accompanied an article about various rallies being held in Portland by the 350 Organization, a group advocating the reduction of CO2 levels in the atmosphere.


I’d have liked to have played more with the concept my editor gave me for this piece, but time was tight this week.  However, drawing the city portion of this piece reminded me of an old scribble I drew while sketch-crawling through town a few years ago (I even referenced it for a few of the buildings):


I drew this at the Vista Avenue Viaduct, which offers quite a view of downtown.  Forgive my notation in the bottom corner… I sadly failed the art battle of drawing a full cityscape.  It would be a good exercise to take up again sometime.

One Response to “Versus The City”

  1. I know nothing about the artist’s trade, so I really enjoy the peeks behind the curtain I get from all you guys on the blog. Thanks!

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