Ninja Slices

(Oct 07, 2009)

Got another fun assignment from the Willamette Week. I was asked to draw a bar scene, where patrons would be toasting a giant computer monitor:


Probably one of the better images I’ve done since I started doing occasional work for the paper… I feel like I’m getting a better handle on executing a scene or idea in a limited amount of time. There are some details in these pieces that could be improved on, but I feel like the main ideas and compositions are getting more solid.  Hopefully I can keep the mojo going.

ninja-turboWhile drawing this, I decided to include a tribute to a neighborhood cat. Here at the house, we call him Turbo (not his real name, though it should be!), and we let him come in and hang out on occasion. Lately he’s been prone to displays of ninja-like speed and agility… such as jumping on the back of my head when I’m at my computer.  So I drew one cat dressed like a ninja in tribute, but then decided it’d be fun to throw in a couple more hidden ninja kitties.  I probably could have drawn a few more, but I had a deadline.  I’ll just imagine there are a some more cats in there, but they’re really good at hiding.


Recently I’ve been browsing through comic book letterer Todd Klein’s blog.  Todd has lots of great writing about typography, lettering and design… in particular I’ve been fascinated by his commentary on various comic book logos.  He not only talks about their design, but a bit about the history of their creation and even the artists/designers who created them.  This stuff really gets my nerd fires burning!

My favorite article is about the creation of the RAGMAN logo, where the designers shot a painted acetate over various swatches of cloth (the post includes photos of the process).  Sometimes I feel it’s a bummer that the digital process has largely replaced this sort of hand crafted approach (at least in the commercial art field).

A couple of cartoonists I know have started serializing new comics on the web.  Joey Weiser draws Monster Isle, featuring a trio of kaiju-style monsters (think Godzilla and the like) and their life on the eponymous island.  Ryan Estrada just started a super-scoundrel themed anthology, Chillin’ Like Villains,  with a whopping 24 page story about a MODOK-like super villian trying to earn some respect.  Both of these guys do great, hilarious work, and I’m glad to see them putting out new stuff.

mi-detail clv-detail

2 Responses to “Ninja Slices”

  1. I just checked out Todd Klein’s site. Great articles… I don’t even read comic books, but it’s super interesting.

  2. Cool. I’m glad you dug the link, Hav.

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