Contest winners!

(Oct 05, 2009)


Congratulations! The winners to the first brownpaperbag monthly raffle are as follows:

1.] paperback copy of BEASTS! Book One edited by Jacob Covey – Susan

2.] complete collection of the mini-comics of brownpaperbag – Jeffrey

3.] set of orignal art by each of the members of brownpaperbag – Massie

If the winners can please drop me an e-mail at jonathan [at] with your contact information, we will have your prizes shipped to you by the end of the month.


And for October’s raffle we will be giving away a signed copy of Jeremy Massie‘s debut graphic novel, The Deadbeat. Jeremy will also be featured in our first interview, which we will be having towards the end of the month.

If you haven’t heard about our monthly raffles before, here’s the skinny: The raffle will be drawn from the names of people who have posted comments on the blog that month. If you’ve posted at all that month you will be entered into the lottery. More comments won’t get you more entries in the raffle, though we obviously encourage people to post more to create dialogue.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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