Just calendarin’ it, part II

(Oct 30, 2009)

I buckled down this week and busted out two more calendar illustrations. I’m hoping to finish up my last one later today, so be on the look out for an updated post. In other news: We experienced some technical difficulties that we’re trying to work out, but we should be posting our very first interview […]

Celebrity Hair… Untamed!

(Oct 28, 2009)

A few weeks ago, I saw a video with Jim Jarmusch and for some reason I imagined giant fists of hair emerging from his spiky hairdo.  This sparked an idea that I plan to use for an informal series of pictures… Celebrity Hair Fights! Basically, I’m just drawing celebrities with notable hairstyles and transforming their […]


(Oct 26, 2009)

Dear Friends, I spent my weekend working on some bonified illustratin’, but I’m unable to post any of it. Mind if I make it up to you tomorrow? Love, Ty

Quick & Dirty [updated with progess!]

(Oct 23, 2009)

Both Jason I did work for the WW this week. Like Jason mentioned before, one of the harder things to do getting news stories to illustrate is the very, very small window of time you get to illustrate them in. It’s good because it gets you to think on your toes and go with your […]

Versus The City

(Oct 21, 2009)

Did a quick illustration for the Willamette Week yesterday (my first in color… yikes!). It accompanied an article about various rallies being held in Portland by the 350 Organization, a group advocating the reduction of CO2 levels in the atmosphere. I’d have liked to have played more with the concept my editor gave me for […]

Symphony for the Devil

(Oct 19, 2009)

Just been working on calendar stuff, and recoloring an older piece for a giclee print this week. So I thought I’d show you my newest calendar piece called Symphony for the Devil. Anyway, hope you like it. love, Ty

East Coast miscellany

(Oct 16, 2009)

Here’s a little grab bag of images from my amazing trip to the East Coast. Despite just getting back, I already have work I need to start chipping away at. I’ll have lots of wicked awesome calendar stuff up next week. Massachusetts: Sugarloaf Mountain Some sketches while chilling at the Book Mill From a beautiful […]

Let’s Make a Yeti!

(Oct 14, 2009)

Since I’ve been doing illustration work under tight deadlines, I’ve been getting used to getting ideas down quickly and not being overly precious with my drawing. So now I’ve been trying to apply those concepts to work that doesn’t require such an immediate turnaround. I don’t mean to imply that I’m throwing quality to the […]

Calendar Art!

(Oct 12, 2009)

Well, I’m finally breaking down an posting some calendar images. Largely because that’s all I’ve been working on this week. This first one is for a book I’m calling fainter. You may have noticed I posted the title art a few weeks back. And this one is for a book called The Cannibal Queens of […]

Just shelf-talkin’ it

(Oct 09, 2009)

Like many other artists, I have a part time job to help support me financially. Luckily for me I happen to have that part time job be at the largest independent bookstore in the country, Powell’s Books. Besides being surrounded by awesome books and awesome people all the time, another perk of the job is […]

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