Playing Catch-up.

(Sep 07, 2009)

I thought I would begin my Monday posts, by basically showing what I’ve been up to, these summer months. A lot of this has been already posted on facebook or my website, so apologies for the summer reruns, but this way I’ll exhaust my back catalog. First up, my submission to the Rom: The Space […]

Just sketchbookin’ it [1.0]

(Sep 04, 2009)

My sketchbooks tend to have lots of doodles in them, where I let my mind wander. Drawing with a brush for no reason at all except to draw is pretty meditative for me. You’ll see a lot of the same of imagery – lots and lots of faces [mostly faces of women and old men], […]

Just Col-Erasin’

(Sep 02, 2009)

  For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with Col-Erase pencils (those are a brand of erasable colored pencils, if you didn’t know).  Initially, I wanted to use them to sketch out and build the compositions for my pictures, then tighten up the lines with a regular pencil. I started my experimenting with […]

BREAKING NEWS: brownpaperbag finally puts this blog to use!

(Sep 01, 2009)

Starting Wednesday, September 2nd, the boys at brownpaperbag will actually be POSTING ON A REGULAR BASIS on their blog at the brownpaperbag website! Every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY you’ll get process notes, doodles, interviews, ramblings and other entertaining and insightful interneting from the boys at brownpaperbag! Besides the pleasure of being wowed and bedazzled by […]

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