(Sep 25, 2009)

I’ve been really busy this last week and half, so I this week’s entry is kind of a cop-out.

I got my first cover gig for a weekly this last week. It was for the PNW Inlander out of Spokane. There is a proposition on the upcoming ballot that is really idealistic but has its opponents really riled up and claim that it is going to be end of Spokane. Read the article here.


There were some hiccups in communication that made this a really stressful job, but I can’t say that it wasn’t a blast to draw.  I love doing these sort of illustrations because there’s so much going on and I can fit all sorts of ridiculous things in. I think the amount of love I put into them shows because I get hired to do them kind of frequently, but it’s a mixed bag – the down side of fitting all that crazy stuff in is that I have to color it all and although it’s not difficult, it’s really time consuming. Especially when you’re on a tight time crunch.

One Response to “Covered!”

  1. Great work, Jonathan. it made me want to read the linked article — sounds like a tough challenge for the city to decide on. Hope it works out for them, either way.

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