(Sep 21, 2009)

Oh hello there!

I started a new exercise this week, copying some of the all time greatest comic panels. It’s a strange feeling, to transition from knowing someone like Jack Kirby is a genius to beginning to understand what makes him a genuis. And the two panels of his I coppied, have introduced me to a deeper appreciation of his work, and comicsĀ  in general.


A truly great superhero comic book artist takes something silly and makes it terrifying. Notice how dreadful and terrifying Kirby’s Doctor Doom is riding the Silver Surfer’s board (even more ridiculous sounding typed out). My looks like he’s jumping out of a birthday cake on your birthday.


I’ll spare you my Kirby treatise, though expect one further down the road when I’ve formulated some thoughts other than wow.

Here’s a few more: The first one is the first appearance of The Phoenix by Dave Cockrum, the second is the first appearance of The Dark Phoenix by John Byrne. I like how making someone “dark” means, among other things, making their boobs bigger and spreading their legs.



Anyway, this was a lot of fun and I’ll probably keep at it. If you have any suggestions for panels to copy please, please send them my way.



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  1. Awesome. They look great. A few months ago I tried to ink over some of Kirby’s pencils…It was maddening. HIs style looks loose, but once you try to ink that stuff you realize how precise all those weird squiggly lines are. I’m a big Cockrum fan too.

  2. I really like your idea on redrawing comics panels as an exercise (and since Jon’s doing his short comics thing, I guess I should come up with some sort of drawing activity). I know it’s not as dynamic as the panels you’ve posted here, but I’d love to see you do the infamous Kitty Pride “Professor Xavier is a JERK!” splash page.

  3. @Massie, yeah, Kirby is a God, it’s official. What panels were you inking over?

    @Jason, that’s definitely on the list. Paul Smith is pretty great. What’s that guy up to now anyway. He blips on the radar and then nothing. It’s frustrating. You should come up with a drawing activity to share with us. I may steal Jon’s six panel story idea….

  4. Yeah, Paul Smith is the bee’s knees… Unfortunately, the last major thing I recall him working on is the Leave it to Chance series from several years ago. I haven’t found evidence of much else since then.

  5. Good idea! I love the way you depicted everyone!

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