(Sep 14, 2009)

So I’ve had to confront a fear of mine lately: Type. I’ve always felt uncomfortable working with type, because I have no real foundation with it. With drawing, I know I have a lot to learn, but I also have a degree of command. With type there is no command, it’s a free fall, I pretty much let go of the steering wheel and see where I go. Not a feeling I’m ok with. Jonathan and I have this phrase: “Embrace the suck.” Meaning, realizing that you’re not going to be good at something right from the start and that you have to embrace the learning process, and move past all the mistakes you make along the way. Here are a few projects I’ve been working on involving type, embracing the suck.

1: One of the ways to get illustration work is to send out promotional postcards. This is the back of the post card, with my contact info, and my best rip off of the title sequence for Dr. Strangelove.


2. My sister and I are starting an Etsy shop, we’re calling it The State Park, after what my dad named the fire pit at the farm where we grew up. Here’s the logo in progress.


3. Finally, I was hoping to have some calendar stuff to show you all today, but a: I don’t really have much to show yet and b: I think I’m gonna hold off on posting much from the calendar or it will be too convient to post progess and little else. Our theme this year is pulp art, we’re creating fake pulp books and illustrating the covers for them.  Here’s part of the type for a book called “Fainter.”


That’s all for today folks. Apologies all around for the sloppy structure and grammer, I promise I’ll do better.



P.S. If anyone can reccomend any type resources, I’ll give you a big sloppy hug.

3 Responses to “Type…”

  1. i need to let you borrow some of my type books. but i really think that you approach it like any other way you make art – by copying the hell out of the stuff you like and thinking about why you like it and learning through the mimicking.

    anyhow, even if you’re unsure of it, i think that if you look at the stuff you’ve done recently and compare it to your stuff in our rock posters calendar, you’ve come a long way. i don’t think you have anything to worry about, this stuff is looking really, really good.

  2. I don’t know what sort of resources you’re looking for Tyler, but if you just want to find some free fonts or see samples of different typefaces then check out:




    Based upon your sample images however I rather doubt you’re struggling with typography as much as you may think.

  3. Thanks Jeffrey, those look to be great resources!

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