Odd Batman paraphernalia

(Sep 11, 2009)

Nerd alert! Batman fan art!


Batman is excruciatingly hard for me to draw. Not only does he need to have a certain presence, but he’s got all those spot blacks in his cape and costume and that’s a real weakness in my drawing. Anyhow, besides looking real goofy, I thought he turned out okay.

[note: embarrassingly enough, it took me 3 hours to do this stupid drawing]

The real point of this post was to share my small, yet prized collection of odd Batman items people have given me over the years. File this under dumb stuff you probably didn’t want to know:

1.] Gold Batman Badge


Just a simple Batman logo with some Amber Rowland flair. This was given to me with the Icky-touch Batman Pillow [see below]. It has been free floating around my room for years, but I think I’m finally going to do something with it and sew it onto my new bag.

Keep reading to see more embarrassing Batman items.

2.] Homemade Batman Cowl


My friend Kadie’s mother made this for me the first Halloween I was in Portland. My original Batman Halloween costume consisted of a janky homemade mask that was basically a black cardboard tube. Kadie & her mother are real crafty, so I asked them to make me a for-real cowl and they came up with doozy. The only problem is that I don’t wear contacts anymore and I can’t wear my glasses with the mask, so if I wear it I’m practically blind. That, and it’s way too small for my big head.

3.] What Would Batman Do T-shirt


An amazing t-shirt Jason got me for Christmas. Would wear it more if I wasn’t getting fat.

4.] Icky-touch Batman Pillow


One of my most prized Batman possessions. It’s a weird pillow of Batman’s head made of a gross synthetic stretchy material that we called ‘icky-touch’ in my house growing up. It has a strange lure that has been known to fill some men with uncontrollable lust and perversion. See in this comic that Jason drew:


and the finally, crowning glory of my Batman paraphernalia –

5.] The Batman Rock


A lovely woman I used to work with by the name of Wendy went on a camping trip in eastern Oregon with her boys where you get to pick through these fancy rocks [anyone out there know the name of these rocks?] and she came back bearing this amazing gift. I finally understood how those religious people feel when they see the Virgin Mary in their toast.

Can you see it? It’s Batman in the fricking rock! AMAZING!

I’ll have real artstuff up next week, I promise.

5 Responses to “Odd Batman paraphernalia”

  1. I didn’t know (or have forgotten) you were a Batman nerd.

  2. I believe that fancy rock is known as a thunderegg!

  3. Hey Jon. I remember when we debated the finer points of superheros and you showed me the error of my ways in preferring superman over batman. Now I realize how lame I was.

  4. Batman…Batman…..Batman…..Batman…..Batman…..Batman……Batman ……………………………………… Batman

    that’s me singing the theme song to you.

  5. mike – it doesn’t come out a lot, but yeah, i’ve got a total nerd-on for batman.

    susan – we were in high school. i mean, we all did embarrassing stuff. as long as you realize it now, that’s all that matters.

    jason and jeremy – thanks. for looking that up and for singing to me on the internet.

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